Comparing Broadband from BT and Hyperoptic
Jun 7, 2019

A comparison of three broadband packages installed in my home in 2019.

  • BT
    • Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited (I've had this for years)
      • used with a Netgear Nighthawk router
      • 15Mb download, 7Mb upload
      • broadband & unlimited anytime calls & TV £75/m
      • Skype performance: acceptable
  • Hyperoptic
    • 30Mb (I first had this in June 2019)
      • used with Hyperoptic's own router
      • 30Mb download, 1Mb upload
      • broadband only £22/m
      • plus phone and anytime UK £28/m
      • Skype performance: worse than BT (possibly due to the low upload speed)
    • 150Mb (I moved to this one later in June 2019)
      • used with Hyperoptic's own router
      • 150Mb download, 150Mb upload (but varies quite a bit)
      • broadband only £35/m
      • plus phone & anytime UK £41/m
      • Skype performance: better than BT


  • Since Hyperoptic's 150Mb package fixes the Skype problem and is still cheaper than BT, this is the one I'm going with.
  • The thing to be aware of, which I wasn't at first, is the extremely low upload speed of Hyperoptic's lowest tier.
  • Unfortunately, without BT broadband, we could no longer use YouView, so we needed to replace their box and that cost ~£200.